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Anna M. Novo

Senior Project Traffic/Transportation Engineer
B.S. Civil Engineering, Roger Williams University
Graduate Courses, University of Rhode Island
Continuing Education Courses:
Traffic Signal Systems
Traffic Calming Seminar
Traffic Software Seminars
Roundabout Design Workshop
Professional Traffic Operational Engineer Review Course 
Professional Affiliations
Institute of Transportation Engineers
American Society of Civil Engineers
International Municipal Signal Association, Inc.
Professional Experience
Ms. Novo has over 35 years of experience in the Transportation/Traffic Engineering field.  Her experience includes the project management, coordination, design and preparation of construction drawings/specifications, and constuction administration for a wide range of traffic and transportation projects.  Ms. Novo has extensive experience in all aspects of analysis and design of traffic signal systems and intersections, and with roadway and highway design.  In addition, she has considerable expertise in the following areas: 
  • Traffic Management Plans
  • Maintenance & Protection of Traffic - Construction 
  • Roadway and Highway Signing
  • Design and Analysis of Pedestrian Facilities
  • Traffic/Transportation Impact Studies 
  • Traffic Operations, Signal Timing Optimization, and Traffic Modeling Analyses 
  • Arterial Traffic Control Systems 
  • Roundabout Operational Analysis and Design 
  • Accident/Safety Analysis and Mitigation
  • Traffic Pattern/Circulation Studies 
  • Traffic Calming Analysis, Design, and Implementation
  • Environmental Impact Reports
Ms. Novo is particularly experienced with the design guidelines and policies utilized by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, and over past years has worked on a considerable number of projects for the Departments of Transportation in Massachusetts and Connecticut.  She participated in the development of a special “Scenic Roadway Design Standards and Design Policy” that was prepared under contract with the RI Scenic Roadways Board, and she has undertaken numerous critical traffic studies for the State Traffic Commission.  Ms. Novo also  provides assistance to several municipalities, conducting third-party reviews of sensitive traffic and transportation projects.