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Greenbrier Residential Condominium & Apartment Community, Seekonk, MA

Caputo and Wick Ltd. designed and permitted a 440-unit condominium and apartment complex on a 76.1-acre parcel off Fall River Avenue in Seekonk, MA.  The  property had to be rezoned for the proposed use, so we represented the project before the local Zoning and Planning Boards and assisted the Proponent’s legal counsel in re-drafting the local Zoning bylaw to accommodate adoption of the new use.  The development area encompassed a former gravel-removal operation that had been abandoned in a barren condition (bottom left image), and the project design strove to limit development to pre-existing land disturbance areas and to maximize the retention of open space and natural physical features (bottom right image).  The development included the creation of an internal road network, state highway access, drainage infrastructure, municipal water connection, wastewater treatment facility, co-generation facilities, landscape amenities, and wetland replication and enhancement.  The design phase required intensive environmental permitting and state-of-the-art stormwater management design and compliance.  Stormwater management efforts focused on maximizing recharge, protecting a certified vernal pool (Outstanding Resource Water), cessation of sedimentation and turbidity from the former land use, and improved and controlled hydrologic contributions to abutting peripheral wetlands.  Our primary services included land survey, wetland delineation and evaluation, soils percolation testing, groundwater monitoring, traffic analysis, coordination with MassDOTdrainage analysis, complete site design (roadway, drainage, and utility), wetland replication and enhancement design, MEPA permitting (including EIR preparation), MassDEP permitting (wetlands, water quality certification, wastewater treatment, and sewer line installation), USACE Section 404 permitting, SWPPP development and EPA NPDES compliance, state and local access permitting, development of condominium record plans, construction layout, construction observation, and preparation of as-built road, buildings, and utility plans.  We coordinated closely with the project design and permitting team that we assembled, including geotechnical (Paul B. Aldinger & Associates, Inc.) and wastewater (Beta Group) engineers, a MEPA advisor (Rackemann Strategic Consulting, Inc.), and a greenhouse gas specialist (Tech Environmental, Inc.).