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North Scituate Public Library, Scituate, RI

As part of an addition to the existing library facility, Caputo and Wick Ltd. assisted the client’s architect, Lerner Ladds Bartels, with the management of roof-generated stormwater runoff.  Options for handling runoff were limited, as the site was constrained for available space in which to create stormwater-management features.  Allowing the roof runoff to drain over the existing grounds would create nuisance flow and icing problems for pedestrians, so a management system was designed to capture and retain the runoff, in compliance with the RI Stormwater Design and Installation Standards Manual.  Runoff from new roof leaders and existing gables that could be captured in the new drainage system was directed to a curvilinear rain garden constructed in a lawn area located between an adjoining public street and the library building.  The floor of the rain garden was constructed with soils of specific texture to encourage infiltration, and a drywell was installed as a means to capture and infiltrate excess inflow.  Downspout discharge points were armored with cobbles, and the rain-garden slopes were landscaped.  The images at left and below show the rain garden just prior to completion.