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Reconstruction of Centerville Road (Route 117), Warwick, RI


The reconstruction of Centerville Road entailed operational and safety improvements along approximately two miles of the high-volume arterial from Quaker Lane east to Diamond Hill Road.  Under contract with RIDOT, Caputo and Wick Ltd.’s services included traffic analysis, land survey, wetland delineation, coordination with utility companies, boring contractors, and geotechnical engineers, drainage and floodplain analyses, complete drainage and roadway design, preparation of easements, rights-of-way coordination, and environmental permitting through RIDEM.  Specific design and construction work included micro milling and removal of existing bituminous pavement; installation of a new bituminous concrete overlay; replacement of existing curbing, sidewalks, catch basins, manholes, guardrails, and concrete median barrier (in selected areas); installation of new traffic signals and an arterial communication system; roadway lighting; lane configuration improvements, including profile adjustments; installation of new drainage structures; removal and installation of regulatory, warning, and guide signs; reconstruction of park-and-ride facilities; reconstruction of a portion of the I-95 SB on-ramp and I-95 NB off-ramp; installation of pavement markings; compensatory flood storage at Hardig Brook; and maintenance and protection of traffic.  The aerial imagery above illustrates the pre- and post-project conditions at the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue (post-construction is shown as the uppermost image), and the aerial imagery below illustrates the pre- and post-project conditions at the I-95 Northbound off ramp (post-construction is the left image).