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Reconstruction of Wildes Corner, Warwick, RI

Under contract with RIDOT, Caputo and Wick Ltd. conducted a study of 15 high hazard intersections in the City of Warwick and recommended priorities for implementing safety improvements.  The intersection of West Shore Road (Route 117), Sandy Lane, and Strawberry Field Road (locally known as Wildes Corner)  was identified as a high priority intersection in need of significant reconfiguration.  Consequently, we designed a multi-lane roundabout intersection to provide substantially-improved levels of service, safer operations, reduced idling times, and enhanced pedestrian access.  Our services included topographic survey, wetland delineation and inventory, exploratory soils testing to determine stormwater recharge potential, hydrologic analysis, utility coordination, operational and roundabout analyses, review of historic accident data, benefit to cost analysis, drainage and roadway design, preparation of maintenance and protection of traffic sequences and plans, design of signage, striping, crosswalks, and accessible features, coordination with the project landscape architect (Bradford Associates) and hazardous materials consultant (Lake Shore Environmental, Inc.), 3D corridor modeling, ROW mapping and compilation, and preparation of CRMC coastal assent and RIDEM stormwater permit applications.  The project has been fully designed and permitted, but construction has been tabled. The graphic above schematically illustrates the proposed roundabout, and the aerial imagery below shows the intersection in its current, unimproved condition.