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RI State House - Legislator's Parking Lot

The parking lot on the easterly side of the Rhode Island State House, accessed through a single guarded point at Smith Street and known as the Legislator's Parking Lot, had become insufficient in size and efficiency of circulation and organization.  The drainage system was antiquated and had become obsolete for current stormwater regulations and for targeted water-quality improvement objectives.  Working as a team with Edward Rowse Architects, Inc. and Diane C. Soule & Associates, ASLA, we re-designed the parking lot to achieve additional spaces and significant improvement in the layout and circulation. Expansion options were limited due to available open space and large specimen trees, and preserving the aesthetics of the grounds was critical.  Caputo and Wick Ltd. designed and permitted stormwater management improvements that maximized infiltration and fully complied with the 2010 RI Stormwater Design and Installation Standards Manual.  Our services included topographic survey, exploratory soils and groundwater testing, drainage analysis, site and drainage design, coordination with RIDEM and the Capitol Center Plan Commission, preparation of a stormwater pollution prevention plan, RIPDES and underground injection permitting, preparation of a Physical Alteration Permit through RIDOT, construction layout, and limited construction observation.  The completed parking lot is shown in the upper image, and the pre-project condition is reflected in the aerial image below.