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Town of Bristol, RI - Water-Dependent Structures

Caputo and Wick Ltd. has maintained a long-standing working relationship with the Town of Bristol.  For many years, and currently, we have served an on-call role, whereby we provide advisory peer reviews and design services on behalf of various Town departments.  Peer-review projects have ranged from single house sites to residential subdivisions and commercial properties.  Most of our non-peer review assignments have pertained to the maintenance, rehabilitation, and improvement of municipal infrastructure, including drainage and stormwater outfall improvements, roadway improvements, sidewalk and crosswalk replacements and modifications, flood abatement, scour protection, and environmental permitting assistance through RIDEM and CRMC.  In addition to surveying and engineering design, we frequently prepare contract documents, assist the Town with advertising, attend pre-bid conferences, review bids in preparation for contract award, and conduct construction oversight (generally in coordination with the Department of Public Works).  The projects are often on constrained timeframes, and occasionally occur as emergency measures, such that design and construction must be fast-tracked.  Notable structural-related projects for which we have provided design and permitting services include the repair and rehabilitation of State Street Dock (above), stabilization and scour protection of the east branch of Silver Creek (below, top left), repair of the Smith Street terminus and abutting coastal seawall (below, top right), and construction of a new timber pedestrian bridge at the eastern end of Elmwood Avenue (bottom image).