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YMCA, MacColl Field - Channel Reconstruction

In conjunction with providing design, permitting, and construction administration services for implementing the YMCA of Pawtucket’s Master Plan improvements at MacColl Field, in Lincoln, RI, Caputo and Wick Ltd. designed and permitted a sanitary sewer force main crossing of a river channel.  A suitable location along the river was selected for minimized channel and habitat impact and where tree clearing could be avoided.  Channel flow was bypassed temporarily while excavation occurred and while the sleeve and utility pipe were installed deep under the channel bed.  The riverbed and banks were reconstructed, and restorative planting occurred via seeding with native grasses and forbs and with the planting of native mast-bearing shrubs.  The images below, from left to right, show the sewer force main alignment through athletic fields, reconstruction of the riverbanks and channel bed during a dewatered condition, and the completed river corridor with flow restored and shrub plantings installed.  The image above shows the restored river corridor the spring following autumn utility installation.  Force main installation and river channel restoration were completed by Catalano Construction, Inc.